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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


If some of my posts can feel like nothing more than a long list of lefties, here's another - but this time I'll let the Radio Times do the listing for me. This is for Radio 4 this afternoon:
4.00 Thinking Aloud
Laurie Taylor discusses whether education is the key to
social mobility with Lynsey Hanley of The Guardian, Richard Reeves of Demos, Danny Dorling, professor of geography, and sociologist Dick

So if Lynsey Hanley of The Guardian (and The Observer and The New Statesman of course) and Richard Reeves of the centre-left, Labour-leaning think-tank Demos aren't left-wing enough for you, there's always Danny Dorling, far-left professor of 'human' geography and Today programme regular (and occasional contributor, naturally, to The Guardian and New Statesman). As for Dick Hobbs, the sociologist/criminologist at (guess where?) the L.S.E., who has advised the Labour government on a number of issues, I reserve judgement until I hear what he has to say. As though for presenter Laurie Taylor, he's so enmeshed, personally and professionally, with the Left that he probably thinks this selection of guests covers the broadest possible range of opinion!!!
In what way isn't this programme's choice of guests an affront to politically-balanced broadcasting?

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