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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


There were 3 opinion polls yesterday evening showing various Conservative leads:
Populus (Times) - 3%
Comres (ITV/Independent) - 5%
YouGov (Sun) - 8%
Here are all the posts about the polls featured on the BBC's live blog. You'll see that one of the above poll results is not mentioned at all while another is mentioned three times!:
2222: Wednesday's Times leads on its opinion poll suggesting a narrowing of the Tories' lead over Labour, while it says there is "deep public disenchantment" with the election campaign so far.

2205: An opinion poll suggests the Conservatives' lead over Labour has narrowed. A ComRes survey for The Independent and ITV News puts the Tories on 36%, down one point on a poll released last night, while it places Labour up one on 31%. The Liberal Democrats are down one point on 19%. ComRes interviewed 1,002 adults by telephone on April 11 and 12

2046: Former Deputy PM John Prescott
(not pictured) appears buoyed by the Times poll suggesting the Conservatives' opinion poll lead is narrowing. "We're all in this together, folks", he tweets.

2023: An opinion poll suggests Labour have narrowed the Conservatives' lead to three points. The Populus survey for The Times puts the Tories on 36% - a fall of three points over the past week - while Labour are up one on 33%. The Liberal Democrats are unchanged on 21%. Populus interviewed 1,525 adult voters on April 12 and 13.

The BBC aren't usually unkind to YouGov!


  1. Great spot, I have linked and shown how Poll Tracker has been affected rather oddly.

  2. I take it that the polls used in the bbc Poll Tracker are all BBC commisioned polls? I ask this as the figures used on the Poll Tracker for the latest polls by the 3 companies you mention don't seem to tally with the above.

  3. No they are not BBC commissioned, the BBC just report what all the polls say. Poll Tracker is quite often behind the times or updated oddly, see my blog for some history -

  4. It is funny how opinion polls always seem to favour the opinions of the people who commission them !


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