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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Nothing whatsoever to do with BBC bias this (as I've been away all day and have missed all the fun, so entertainingly chronicled on the Biased BBC blog) but here's a rare non-BBC-based post ....
A very long day at work, but not unenjoyable. And then to come home, switch on ITV News and see Gordon Brown's gaffe, life-long Labour voter Mrs Duffy's double-take on hearing what he had said about her, Brown's visible wilting as the tape was played back to him on The Jeremy Vine Show and his absurd forced grin/gurn as he emerged from Mrs Duffy's house after rushing back to apologise to her. Ah, happy, happy days!! In the immortal words of Nelson, May the Great God, whom I worship, grant to my Country and for the benefit of Europe in general a great and glorious victory...Whoops, wrong Nelson. I mean't:

And now we know, as Tom Bradby said on ITV News, that Gordon Brown believes that anyone who raises concerns about immigration is "a bigot" - which, given that most people in the country (according to all the polls) hold such concerns, makes a large majority of voters "bigots" in his eyes.

PS I was clearly far from alone from having this reaction. Here's North Northwester's take (which which I wholly agree):

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