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Monday, 19 April 2010

I'M I.P.P.P.R.

The nearest thing I've got to a catchphrase here is "If it's not the IPPR, it's probably Demos". (Nothing to worry Bruce Forsyth, I admit). Of course, it usually is the IPPR - the Labour-aligned Institute for Public Policy Research. (That could become a new catchphrase! In the style of Brucie: It usually is the IPPR, the IPPR it usually is!)
Well, following yesterday's distasteful hatchet job on UKIP by Jon Manel, which name-checked the IPPR and used one of its former member as UKIP-basher-in-chief, this morning's Today, just before 7.00am (as David Vance points out at Biased BBC), based a story on a report on immigration by....the IPPR. That showed something or other that the BBC wants us to hear about immigration - and the BNP. Justin Webb twice called their research "interesting". He talked to co-author Laura Chappell of the IPPR (pictured).

It usually is the IPPR.


  1. Matthew Taylor was the founder of IPPR and its first Director. It was set up to provide a counter-balance to the in-depth thinking behind conservative policies provided by an abundance of think-tanks.

    I remember one week he was being interviewed on lunchtime BBC News as Tony Blair's Director of Policy, then the next week he was being interviewed as Director of the Think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research without any attribution to his previous post with Labour. The intervier, Huw Edwards if memory serves right, as bent a BBC journalist as they come anyway if it doesn't, looked as shifty as Taylor in trying to pass the interview of as dispassionate policy advice from a disinterested think-tank.

    By the way Craig 'Quinning ways', I love it! Between the puns you come up with on 'Quinn' and the ones I come up with on the Digest, I think we may just about have exhausted them! Lets see! ..


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