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Monday, 19 April 2010


Aha! The BBC are rattled & have had to rush out a new article to cover-up the outrageous bias of an earlier one. You may recall the piece that so outraged Jonathan Isaby of ConservativeHome, which found that all of the six people BBC reporter Sarah Bell spoke to in Richmond were intending to vote (enthusiastically) for the Liberal Democrats in the wake of Nick Clegg's performance on the TV.
Well, the BBC must have had some complaints they obviously couldn't ignore about this. So another BBC reporter Brian Wheeler was rushed back to Richmond to do a proper job and file a bullet-proof report.
He refers to Sarah's astonishingly biased article & tries to pretend that, though she was right a couple of days ago, things have changed dramatically since then & now people there have a variety of voting intentions (Pull the other one Brian):

A few days ago my colleague Sarah Bell travelled to the Lib Dem marginal seat of Richmond in South London, where she found widespread enthusiasm for the party, in the wake of the televised debate.

I returned there on Sunday to find out if the mood had changed in this crucial swing seat, which the Conservatives must take if they are going to form the next government, now that people have had a chance to reflect on the debate and read in greater detail about the party's policies.
He adds:
As always, it is worth pointing out that this was a highly unscientific exercise.
Well, Sarah didn't point that out in her propaganda piece, which is why Mr Wheeler had to re-do her work! She should stick to her day job - writing up what Gordon Brown says about Conservative cuts and what David Cameron says about ties for the BBC's live election blog.


  1. As I pointed out over the weekend Sarah Bell is friends with Susan Kramer and Vince Cable so it's hardly surprising. She should now be banned from covering the election. She is clearly partisan.

    Smoking gun #1:

    Smoking gun #2:


  2. Probably when he went there on Sunday the LibDem "visitors" had left Richmond.
    I notice the bbc have not bothered to investigate how our Foreign Office is helping or not helping our stranded Britons.
    Could be another total embarrassment to our useless government.

  3. Craig, here's a gem for you... so, you were wondering about why it takes so long to get replies from the BBC when we complain? Well, it turns out one of the people dealing with them is a Labour activist!

    "...I have to spend the next three weeks at work on the most mind-bendingly dull, boring, grey, miserable, crap job - dealing with election complaints!"

    See 13 April wall entry -- and

    Amazing stuff. I wonder how many times he will find in favour of the Conservatives?

  4. Craig, I can now reveal the BBC "journalist" sitting in judgment of our election complaints is a Labour CANADIDATE!!!

    See: or!/chris.summers3?v=wall&ref=ts

    13 April : "...I have to spend the next three weeks at work on the most mind-bendingly dull, boring, grey, miserable, crap job - dealing with election complaints! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (wake me up on May 7)"

    24 March at 11:42
    "Oh, the frustration of working for the BBC! Editorial Guidelines!!! Aaaaaah!! *$(&*$ !"

    21 February at 20:58
    "IT'S OFFICIAL - Yours truly is up for election. Ok, so it's only Ealing Council (Northolt Mandeville Ward) but you gotta start somewhere. May 6: VOTE SUMMERS (LABOUR) PS Don't listen to all that nonsense about Gordy. He's a pussycat really."

  5. Brilliant research Ryan. Got her!
    She certainly needs to be taken off the BBC's election coverage.
    I can't see how the BBC could possibly justify NOT doing so.

  6. Craig, Sarah Bell's bias pails into insignificance compared to my latest find.. Chris Summers (see above) the Labour candidate and BBC "journalist" who sits in judgment of our complaints about their election coverage.

  7. Brilliant research Ryan. Got him too! I am very impressed.

    Well, if we guessed that the BBC Complaints department was full of Labour-supporting types who have no respect for the idea of impartiality, now we have some concrete proof.

    It will be a pleasure to bore him rigid with election complaints.

  8. Gross Misconduct? In An ordinary Commercial enterprise defaming your job in a such a public forum would shortly mean you didn't have one.If he hates it that much he should try being on the dole.A Good upbringing prevents me printing my first thought on reading about it but i am sure you get the point ,nice work ,Ryan



    Dear Mr Summers,

    I'm really worried about the amount of bias the BBC shows against the Conservatives and UKIP. I was very concerned about what I could do about it, but then I heard you work in the complaints department and are a man of absolute integrity who can be depended upon to deal fairly with complaints. What a relief to know there are still people like you Mr Summers, I was beginning to worry that the BBC is so bent they'd probably even employ a Labour Party candidate to deal with election complaints.

    I'll leave it to your 'ealing hands Mr Summers.

    All the best,

    OK, get this, got an automated response that he's out of the office till 20 April, and it gives his mobile number as well! .. No, I'm not going to .. but you can always send him and email! :)

  10. Re: Ms Bell's coverage of the US election - even on a US military installation, Ms Bell was able to find more pro-Obama fans than pro-McCain supporters:

  11. I have just made this complaint to Zac Goldsmith against the BBC:,

    Dear Mr Goldsmith,

    I am writing to make a complaint against the BBC to you for the biased reporting of its correspondent Sarah Bell in favour of your opponent Susan Kramer. Below is my complaint to you as logged with the BBC via its website. As with two previous complaints to injured parties logged with the BBC via its website no reference number was generated or automated acknowledgement sent, which I think in itself says something about BBC standards of integrity:

    I am making this complaint to Conservative PPC for Richmond Park Zac Goldsmith against you as I do not have confidence in the professional integrity of the BBC to deal with complaints. I am merely sending this to you for logging purposes.

    Sarah Bell's voxpop features 6 people, all who will be voting for Lib-Dem candidate Susan Kramer.

    I wonder if this flagrant bias has anything to do with the fact that BBC journalist Sarah Bell is a friend of Susan Kramer:

    And also friends with Vince Cable:

    The BBC are clearly conscious of the flagrant bias of this piece as they sent another reporter Brian Wheeler a few days later to do a bit of 'damage limitation':

    Brian Wheeler wrote:-

    "A few days ago my colleague Sarah Bell travelled to the Lib Dem marginal seat of Richmond in South London, where she found widespread enthusiasm for the party, in the wake of the televised debate."

    However, Sarah Bell had written:-

    "While many voters on the green had been impressed by Mr Clegg, most said it would not affect where they would mark their 'x' on 6 May."

    Try as hard as the BBC have done to pretend otherwise, the only reason why Sarah Bell only reported support for her friend Susan Kramer is due to her wanton lack of professional integrity. Yet the BBC still has her piece on their website.

  12. Good stuff Hippiepooter! I suspect Zac Goldsmith will not be shy about complaining. He has every right to complain in the strongest terms.

  13. That piece from the military installation is cut from exactly the same cloth as her piece from Richmond - though at least she did admit to talking to one McCain supporter! It proves that the Susan Kramer piece was no one off. Bias is clearly engrained in the girl's reporting.


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