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Saturday, 24 April 2010


If you thought that the BBC Politics Show's coverage of the election campaign in Stourbridge was biased and superficial (they can't mention the Conservative candidate Margot James without mentioning that she's a millionaire), just have a read of this from Maddy Westrop, who is standing there for UKIP:

The BBC are swizzers.

I don't know why they interviewed me yesterday (22nd April) and I don't know what they are going to edit me to be saying. Everything was deliberately confused and I felt manipulated.

They said Nigel F was rude and that I wasn't UKIP but a Tory and that I was splitting the Tory vote. They also made out I was pro-immigration. I did try to battle everything but I have no idea how they will edit it. They put several questions at once quite often. Really they had their own agenda.

They also had me and the Green candidate right there (amicably) arguing about energy policy and they didn't want to record any of it. They don't want the public to know our policies at all. Our stance against global warming alarmism is a complete vote winner and we can't put it across.

In all the time they have had (Feb to May), they have not once asked me about UKIP policy.

Then they wanted a shot of me and the Green guy and an independent candidate (with five aston martins and a bit of an attitude) to be filmed looking through a window at a party - excluded from the party they were having with the three big parties.

I refused. They got very stroppy and said I didn't understand television. I said I was married to a BBC journalist and did. I pointed out we came first in the election just a year a go and they are ignoring us and not allowing the electorate to know our policies. They want to make the story instead of finding it!

I have no idea what they will do with the footage they got. I suspect traps and distortions.

Do tell everyone that they misled us and set us up for a fall.

Maddy. *
I will be watching The Politics Show tommorow very carefully.


  1. BBC bias is horrendously palpable.
    Yesterday's Any Questions and replayed today has raised many hackles at the stupid Dumbleby and rent a crowd tactics he uses.
    Any Answers is normally 30 minutes but was pulled after 18 minutes for "technical reasons".
    Only some 3 people were recorded on the phone and the last person upset Dumbleby by stating that Britain was destined to be a Muslim country - so the programme was pulled.
    It will be interesting to see the answers that the programme "Feedback" will offer us.
    I bet the senior beeboids will be in discussions on this after their holiday weekend.
    My contempt for the bbc grows daily.
    What a disaster to what was a renowned news agency.

  2. At least after the unholy horror of 'Any Questions' that guy who talked about what 'Georgie boy' (St George) would make of England now at least made me laugh, especially when he told Dimbleby that his programme had been a 'calamity' so far!

    And, extraordinarily, it took Dimbleby well over a minute to realise that the guy was talking about St George and not about hung parliaments. Maybe it was the red mist rising before his eyes!

    The e-mails he read out were very suspicious too, don't you think? All three on hung parliaments attacked Caroline Spelman (one rather unpleasantly).


  3. I listened to Any Questions on Saturday and it was a disgrace even by the BBC's low standards. An audience packed with spotty schoolkids and guess their political orientation with all the wisdom of youth ?


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