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Monday, 19 April 2010


More evidence that the BBC and The Guardian are almost joined at the hip:
Last week I noted that Sunday's Westminster Hour (with Carolyn Quinn) abandoned its usual politics panel and featured throughout a pair of pundits instead, who commented on all the issues raised. They were Nick Watt of The Guardian and Professor Philip Cowley, who worked (until last year!) as an advisor in the Treasury's policy unit. (Prof Cowley is set to be the new David Butler, the BBC's former chief election night pundit.) Though I've chronicled the programme's overwhelming tendency to call on voices from the Left (specifically the left-leaning newspapers) to act as it 'all-seeing eyes' for months now, I was still prepared for a right-wing voice to appear this week. After all there's an election on and they'd surely want to be fair. (Ha!)
Not a bit of it. This week's pundits, again commenting on all subjects throughout the programme, were Nick Watt of The Guardian and Professor Philip Cowley. It looks as if they are going to be fixtures right up to election day. They were joined by Tony Travers of the LSE (no Tory he).

Unsurprisingly, any Conservatives listening would have drawn little comfort from their conversation.

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