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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Throughout the short history of this blog, I've chronicled the bias of Shirin Wheeler (pictured) of the BBC's Europhile flagship The Record Europe. (It's one of my unpopular hobby horses!) Woe betide any UKIP or Conservative spokesman who dares to speak out against Europhilia! Regulars may know that the leader of the Conservative MEPs, Timothy Kirkhope, in particular, keeps getting himself slapped down by Shirin. (I sometimes suspect masochistic tendencies on his part, as he always comes back for more!).

On today's edition Mr Kirkhope was interviewed alongside an Austrian Green (Eva Lichtenberger) and a Belgian Liberal (Dirk Sterckx again). The subject was European co-operation on transport in the wake on the volcanic ash fiasco. The Green lady and the Liberal-from-the-non-country both want much closer EU harmonisation. Mr Kirkhope doesn't. Shirin talked over the end of his first answer (not thinking it worth listening to) and then barged in, in classic Shirin Wheeler fashion (after exhanging knowing smiles with the Austrian Green), to contradict his second answer, saying "No, no, no, surely, are you saying it's up to the pilots? That's like saying it's up to the fishermen to decide...(indecipherable) or not." The I.C. here was 1.3.
In contrast, Labour MEP Claude Moraes, speaking in favour of close EU harmonisation over legislation to protect women against violence, was allowed to speak at length, without contradiction and with only a supportive interruption (I.C. of 0.3). He was joined by a German liberal (Silvana Koch-Mehrin, pictured), who also supported close EU harmonisation over the controversial measures.



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  1. As Mr Kirkhope is a qualified pilot, I think his answer should have been given more credibility by Ms Wheeler.


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