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Thursday, 15 April 2010


Regarded Labour Lord Peston & Co's forthcoming letter backing Labour over the economy, Justin Webb discussed the issue this morning with BBC business correspondent Nils Blythe (following a clip from Labour Lord Layard). Nils recalled earlier 'battles of the letters'. His comments provide a classic example of bias by labeling:
"It started back in February when a group of economists wrote to The Sunday Times, basically supporting the Conservative argument that what we need to do in this country is to get the budget back into balance, the big danger is that the markets will turn against us and we won't be able to borrow money at low rate. Then there was a response in The Financial Times, two different letters from very distinguished groups of economists, if you like, taking the opposite view, taking the Labour view that actually the recovery's very fragile and nothing must be done at the moment that is going to endanger that."

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