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Saturday, 17 April 2010


Well, after weeks of anti-Tory British j0urnalists on Dateline London, today we finally got a Conservative supporter, Janet Daley. At last there was someone to put the Conservative case to the world.
She had to face the usual bunch of lefties though, including liberal American Stryker Maguire of Newsweek and the programme's most venomous anti-Tory regular Marc Roche of Le Monde. She also had to face Gavin Esler, who brought up a gaffe by David Cameron: "Let me just pick you up on one point about David Cameron. He did make a gaffe, talking about China as a potential nuclear threat. That was a mistake." Janet said he probably meant North Korea and that it wasn't a big gaffe on a nuclear scale! Esler wasn't going to let it drop: "But isn't the point that we're going to have two more debates, the next one is going to be on foreign policy, and this is something you can bet Gordon Brown is going to say, you know, 'Or are you still going to fight with China?'?"
Also, M Roche (who was only last on two weeks ago), having already indulged in one of his trademark extreme tirades against the 'very unsavoury' 'toxic' Tories and their 'fascist' allies, soon found himself offered the chance to launch a second tirade against them by Esler (who knows exactly what Roche thinks on this subject, and knew exactly what he was going to say and how he was going to say it - as do I, as I've previously written about their previous discussions on this very subject in early posts) "How is, within the Elysee and within the French political system, how is David Cameron viewed by those of the political Right, who should be his political soulmates?" "Horreur, it's a horreur!" began Roche's inevitable rant, with the 'xenophobes' and 'holocaust deniers' now joining the 'fascists' in his description of the allies of the 'nasty' Tories. Hopefully viewers will just regard him as a pantomime clown.
Brown was not in Gavin Esler's sights.

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