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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Why do we bother?! Honestly, why do we bother?!
This was one of the complaints I made to the BBC, which I also sent t0 the Conservatives (among others):

I'm sure you're aware of BBC home affairs editor Mark Easton's shocking bias against Chris Grayling during yesterday's crime debate on 'The Daily Politics'. While Andrew Neil asked a lot of questions to Chris, he asked the same number to Chris Huhne and only slightly more to Alan Johnson. Mr Neil's interruptions followed a similar pattern.

Mark Easton behaved VERY differently:

Here are the number of questions/points Mark Easton put to the three politicians:

Alan Johnson - 2
Chris Grayling - 17
Chris Huhne - 4

Here are the number of interruptions Mark Easton made against each politician:

Alan Johnson - 1
Chris Grayling - 8
Chris Huhne - 3

That was absolutely disgraceful behaviour for a supposedly impartial BBC reporter.

Hope this is of help.

Best wishes,

And this is the reply I got today from the Conservative campaign team:
Dear Mr

I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for your e-mail.

We receive regular complaints calling into question the integrity and impartiality of the BBC. We know that commentators from both sides of the political spectrum sometimes complain about bias.

It is essential, given the regard that the BBC is held in by the public, that the highest standards of journalistic integrity and independence are upheld. On balance we believe the BBC does a good job reporting the news from the perspective of British values and beliefs. However, we are determined that we continue to ensure that the BBC is free from political interference, as its integrity rests on it being impartial.

Once again, thank you for your email.

Yours sincerely,

N.... S.....

David Cameron’s Correspondence Unit
Conservative Campaign Headquarters
The BBC seems to have nothing to fear from the Cameroons. Nothing at all. We will not be getting much help from them.
I'm not happy.

CODA: As my black mood lifts, here's a B-Biased Digest reminder that the Cameroons are not all there is to the Conservative Party:

Two Tory MP’s fixed bayonets and charged, but will their Generals let their bravery go in vain?:

Hon Douglas Carswell MP:

And the Hon Graham Stuart MP ending this Digest as we begun:

Other Conservative backbenchers (and MEPs) have shown a similar awareness and frustration at BBC bias in their replies to me. I have no doubt either that lots of party activists and supporters will share our concerns. The anger in the ranks may yet penetrate the skins of the generals (assuming that the generals aren't really hopping mad and just holding their fire until after the election, and I fear they aren't that way inclined - as John Horne Tooke suggests.) UKIP are doughty fighters against BBC bias (and much else besides), but they can't fight alone. We need the Conservative backwoodsmen if we are going to bring about this revolution.


  1. What utter morons.

  2. I really don't know what to make of it Craig.
    Have a look here at this from the Telegraph.

    Go down to comment 6 from 'briank11' where he spells out the BBC's distorted reporting of the debate.

    It may be that the Conservatives are just leting it ride for now, and if the get in with a reasonable majority then old scores will be settled.
    From my old work, there were a number of occasions when I used to give out a load of old flannel knowing full well that in a matter of weeks all would be revealed.

    By the way, has Not a Sheep come up with his theory yet?

    Andy C

  3. Very very strange that central office appear to be so blasé or complacent about it. One can only assume that either they REALLY think there's nothing to worry about or they're playing a waiting game, and will act when the opportunity arises i.e. when the Conservatives come to power.

  4. It is probably too late but the Conservatives are likely not to win a majority precisely because of the bias that you, I and Biased-BBC have been pointing out for some years now. I have a conspiracy theory on this one that I really must get around to posting this week...

  5. I hope you're both right. I'll cling to that glimmer of hope! I have to admit though that I've been muttering variations on 'What utter morons!' for the last couple of hours (and often quite ripe variations at that!)

  6. You're keeping us in suspense there Not a sheep. I look forward to reading it.

    Just as long as there are no aliens!!

  7. Craig et al

    The conservatives really do not see the bias - I know its difficult to believe. They live in the same elitist world as the BBC types. We are not talking of the Norman Tebbits of the conservative party but the profesional PR types like Cameron and Osbourne. Frank Field is more of a conservative then all the shadow cabinet put together.

  8. Cameron and his team are idiots !


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