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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Norman Smith, after some initial hedging, calls it for Gordon Brown and then explains why at some length. He came back again and again to Gordon Brown, and his attacks on the Tories.
The initial polls disagree:
Cameron 35%
Clegg 33%
Brown 24%
Cameron 41%
Clegg 32%
Brown 25%


  1. Did anyone else notice that in the first debate Clegg said the only referendum needed on the EU was 'in or out' but tonight he said he wouldn't take Britain into the Euro without a referendum? What a liar! I'd rather have Brown than Clegg!

  2. Apart from the BBC, everyone says it was a clear win for Cameron. Not that I watched it , of course !

  3. 80% of immigrants come from the EU?
    I nearly choked on this stupid statement, and yet neither of the others picked it up.
    It appears to have come from an article in the Economist, but has been taken completely out of context.
    Cable was asked about this on the Toady Programme but got an easy ride explaining it was on employed people only.
    Clegg is leading his party with smoke and mirrors policies that would embarrass even Brown.
    I hope this 80% will come back to haunt him over this coming week as with his stupid and unenforceable immigrant regional plan.

  4. Apparently the government figures show 40% from EU. Clegg is a liar.


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