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Thursday, 29 April 2010


So Today talked only to Friends of Gordon...What about last night's The World Tonight?
David Eades talked to...Matthew Taylor, the very likable but Labour-supporting blogger and former party general secretary (and former director of the IPPR). Matthew was, as you would expect, saddened but saw chinks of light. He was as fair-minded as ever. What though of the BBC's David Eades? He seemed much more supportive of Gordon Brown than even Matthew Taylor (a Blairite, of course), intervening to say "He was quick to make amends though. That clearly must have helped?" The rumours that Mrs Duffy might sell her story to the papers and that she has been signed up to a PR agency were eagerly mentioned by Mr Eades (nudge nudge, wink wink) and his next question wanted Matthew to speculate on which paper Mrs Duffy might sell her story too. Yes, let's discredit Mrs Duffy!
After a report from Dartford, Kent by Paul Moss about voter (or non-voter) opinion about immigration, Mr Eades returned to Matthew Taylor and if "the parties...get it"? Not 'Does Labour get it?' of course. Matthew spoke up for Labour on the issue (whilst being fair-minded about the problem facing politicians in general.)
And that was it on the story of the day!!!!

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