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Friday, 30 April 2010


Mark Easton used The Daily Politics Crime Debate to launch a sustained assault on the Conservatives (17 questions, 8 interruptions), and a lesser assault on the Lib Dems (4 questions, 3 interruptions). He left Labour alone (2 questions, 1 interruption). Observers of Mark Easton know that this is far from untypical. Still, the BBC's live election blog promised today that he had blogged about the use of inaccurate statistics by the three big parties, so I clicked expectantly.
He certainly mentions 'the three big Westminster parties', but whose figures does he look at in detail? The Lib Dems and, you guessed it, the Conservatives. You will not find the word 'Labour' anywhere in his article.
This man is biased to the core and he is far from ashamed to show it.

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