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Thursday, 8 April 2010


I wondered how long it would be before someone at the BBC brought up one of the BBC's favourite themes: The Conservative Party's 'far-right' allies in Europe.

1932: In answer to a tricky question about the Conservatives' oft-criticised positioning in Europe, Mr Cameron avoids talking about allegations that some of the party's new allies once had extremist links. Instead, he says he wants to take back some powers from Europe and keep the pound but recognises that co-operation is needed on many issues.

It's only the BBC reporter's opinion that the question is a "tricky" one. The BBC has been at this game for many months now (especially before they got stuck into Lord Ashcroft again.) It's not a tricky question at all. They aren't far-right parties.
The phrase "oft-criticised" may be true but it fails to alert the reader to the fact that the criticism comes from the Conservatives' political opponents - in parliament and the media, and not least at the BBC. It is not, as this phrasing might suggest, widespread and independent criticism.
As for "Mr Cameron avoids talking about allegations...", I think I will have to keep an eye on how many times contributing BBC reporters point that out about Gordon Brown, a man seemingly unfamiliar with the very concept of giving a straight answer to a straight question.
This came about during reporting on the live election blog of a speech Mr Cameron was making tonight. They also reported a speech by Gordon Brown that was being given at the same time. Unsurprisingly, there were no comparable comments made about the Great Helmsman.

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