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Saturday, 10 April 2010


The Today programme didn't completely ignore Labour's protectionist 'Cadbury's Law'. Justin Webb, in the course of a surprising - and admirably - strong grilling, got support for the proposal from Vince 'more-Labour-than-Labour' Cable.
Later Justin talked to Prof Prem Sikka of Essex University on the subject. My heart sank as soon as I saw his name. I knew immediately that he was on to back the government. I've written about him before:

Prem Sikka, professor of accounting at the University of Essex, was on this morning's Today programme, talking to James Naughtie about Lehman Brothers.
Prem and Jim got on like a house on fire.
Prof Sikka was also recently on The World Tonight (1/3/10), causing mischief for the Tories over the issue of non-doms and tax. You may not be surprised to learn that Prem Sikka also blogs for The Guardian and holds left-wing views - for a full flavour of which please click here

Prof Sikka indeed backed the government over the matter. "I think it is a good idea", he said, before talking lots of socialist tripe. Justin, again to his credit, refused to take the Esler approach and just accept what he said without challenge.
No-one from Labour "was available" to talk about the matter.

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