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Thursday, 8 April 2010


I see today's 'scandal' involving David Cameron has arrived early on the BBC's live election coverage blog:

0957: Conservative leader David Cameron is due to give his own press conference at 1030 BST, in which he will respond to the bombardment by Labour over his economic credentials. But could he have upset some of the good people of the East Midlands earlier today? In a quickfire question-and-answer session on BBC Radio Derby, the Tory leader was asked whether he preferred that city or Nottingham. Mr Cameron opted for the latter. Whoops. Incidentally, in a wide-ranging discussion, he said he preferred Jordan to Peter Andre.


  1. "Bombardment by Labour over his economic credentials"

    Give me strength!

    Andy C

  2. You're an early riser today Andy (if I've got my time zones right). I'm always an early riser. I've had complaints from the local blackbirds that I'm waking them up!

    In fairness to the BBC here, whoever wrote that had clearly been reading the BBC's own live blog, which had been relentlessly quoting Labour attacks on the Tories for the previous hour. Anyone reading that biased blog might be forgiven for thinking that the Tories had been bombarded by Labour. Bombarded by the BBC's reporting of Labour more like!

  3. You've got the zones right.
    We're up at 6 as the wife leaves at 6.45.
    They're early starters here. The little one is off school till next week so I'm not running around getting her ready.

    Looking at your later posts I suddenly came over all biblical.
    It seem the BBC are so busy scrutinising the Conservatives for the speck in their eye that they've missed the motes and beams in Labour's.

    Andy C

  4. Depends on what you want to do to Jordan.


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