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Sunday, 11 April 2010


Just time for one quick post and a spot of catching up (from Friday!).
Carolyn Quinn was up to her old tricks on PM.
Reporting on the election in Wales, she went to the constituency of The Vale of Glamorgan and interviewed the four main candidates. I will transcribe all the questions she put to them:
To Alana Davies (Lab): Q1: How many people have said, 'Thanks Labour government for the last couple of years' or how many are saying 'we blame you for everything that's going wrong with the economy'?
Q2: You must be getting a bit of the blame though?
To Ian James Johnson (Plaid): Q1: The fact that you're in coalition with Labour in the assembly, doesn't that make it difficult for you, because if people want to cast an anti-Labour vote they're going to clump you along with Labour here, aren't they, and they may choose the Conservatives as their anti-Labour vote?
To Eluned Parrott (LD): No question, just an 'answer'!!
To Alun Cairns (Con): Q1: The Conservatives are saying there are going to have to be big cuts in public services and that's going to effect a lot of people round here?
Q2 (interrupting Mr Cairns): Exactly, which is why people will be very concerned if they think the Conservative government's going to come in and start slashing jobs."
If you were a politician, which of these sets of questions would you least like to the on the receiving end of? Me too!


  1. I must admit I'm running out of 'Quinn'-based puns for titles. I've got one for Martha Kearney though - 'Chilly Con Kearney'. Short though of her doing a report from the South Pole on global warning I can't see how I'm going to get to use it!!


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