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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


One programme for Global Britain to monitor is The Record Europe, the BBC's most Europhile programme:
As regular readers will know all too way, I have a file as long as my arms (probably longer) on this programme and its very biased presenter Shirin Wheeler.
This week's edition was an election special. The studio discussion featured five guests:
Timothy Kirkhope, Conservative
Claude Moraes, Labour
Sarah Ludford, Lib Dem
Lord Dartmouth, UKIP
Jean Lambert, Green
Amazingly Lord Dartmouth was only interrupted once. Shirin may have had a reason for that. Who, therefore, do you think was interrupted the most? That is what's known as a 'no-brainer'!:
Timothy Kirkhope - 5 interruptions (I.C. of 1.4)
Claude Moraes - 1 interruption (I.C. of 0.2)
Sarah Ludford - 1 interruption (I.C. of 0.5)
Lord Dartmouth - 1 interruption (I.C. of 0.4)
Jean Lambert - 0 interruptions (I.C. of 0)

This was another of those editions where the fire was nearly all trained on Timothy Kirkhope - and not just from the other politicians. Shirin fired plenty of questions at him too (much more than at anyone else).
Other parties did get a look in. Ian Hudghton of the SNP got 2 minutes 14 seconds, Jill Evans of Plaid Cymru got 1 minute 20 seconds, Nick Griffin of the BNP got 50 seconds and Diane Dodds of the DUP got 48 seconds. (The expression on Shirin's face as she introduced the clip of Nick Griffin can best be described as the sort of unhappy, stern, apologetic look a headteacher adopts when she's about to tell parents that a child is going to be suspended for some terrible misdemeanour! She still loved lovely though!) Incidentally, the person who got the longest time to speak, by almost two minutes, was the Labour MEP Mr Moraes.
I wish I had time to give this programme a proper fisking, but I must move on...I'm still stuck on Sunday!! So much bias, so little time!!


  1. Sorry Craig - Nowt to do with this post but I had to passs this on to you & Not a Sheep if he's looking in.
    The BBC in their website magazine section have decided to run a piece entitled:

    "The rise, rise and rise of the Downfall Hitler parody" and covers the clip from the Bunker where Der Fuhrur goes bananas at his generals.

    They go on the list the numerous parodies most of which I wasn't aware of.
    Cristiano Ronaldo has been sold to Real Madrid
    The ending of Watchmen has been changed (Haven't a clue)
    Hillary Clinton has lost the Democratic presidential nomination.
    Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at an awards show (That was a major issue here in Canada)
    Even the relegation of Sheffield Utd.

    Try as I might I just could not find any mention in the Beeb's article referencing the parody which outstrips all of the other combined and more.

    It is, of course, "The Glasgow East election result"

    I can't for the life of me think why the Beeb left that out.

    Andy C

  2. Why did they translate Michael Cockerell's latest documentary on the functionings of Whitehall under Gordon Brown into German?

    And where was Brown's stapler? I wanted to see him throw that at that mad-looking chap in the German uniform at the back, Ed Balls.

    And wasn't it sad to see Harriet Harman burst into tears!

  3. Andy
    Excellent point. The Gordon the Moron downfall parody is superb. Surely the BBC didn't miss it out because of bias ?


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