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Saturday, 3 April 2010


David Preiser on the B-BBC blogsite draws our attention to more bias from James Naughtie - this time over Israel. Naughtie's opinions are rarely far from the surface so his explicitness here is just one step further. He should keep his opinions to himself.
There's a real problem here for people looking in on it. Leave to one side for a moment the plight of people living in Gaza, which is a very disturbing one to people in the outside world because they're being kept there effectively in prison for a very long time, but it is said in some quarters...that of course there are different groups operating in Gaza, as you say planning attacks against Israeli citizens, not all connected directly with Hamas, and some people say there is evidence that Hamas, which runs Gaza of course, is trying to get control of some of these groups and these people, and the argument goes that retaliation on this scale might actually make that more difficult. In other words the outcome may well be that Israeli citizens are put n more danger not in less.
David's comment is worth quoting in full:
James Naughtie spells out the BBC Narrative on Israel very clearly. Gazans are "kept there, effectively in prison, for a very long time", and Israel should not retaliate on the scale that they do. In fact, Naughtie suggests, many of these missiles and terror attacks on Israel aren't done by Hamas, and retaliation just makes peace more difficult.

Any chance Naughtie sees to discredit Israel, he takes. Gaza is a prison, Hamas is
trying to control these other factions so that they don't interfere with the peace process (I can't stop laughing at that one), and Israel is just making it worse by saying that they'll retaliate if soldiers are killed. In other words, Hamas is really trying to work for peace and Israelis need to roll over and die in greater numbers before they should retaliate.

Now that George Bush is out of office, no other government in the world is challenged so aggressively by the BBC.

(If you scroll down you'll also see David's fine dissection of Matt Frei's latest bit of propaganda and Hippiepooter's reply. Typical Frei, typical (unlabelled) use of a liberal talking head).

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  1. Hmmm.
    I thorougly dislike James Naughty, but as with BBC loony closet lefties there is always a grain of truth hiding away there.
    We now have a far right-wing radical in power in Israel (again) and he has never got on with the USA Democrats. He defeated Clinton.
    American like him, as he speaks fluent English - seems stupid, but that's how it goes.
    Clinton was quoted as saying "Who the fuck does this man think he is" when insulted by his supposed Israeli ally Bennie years ago when on a vist to Israel.
    Gaza will get worse before it gets better, so my advice to Craig is to let the bbc have its head on this as nothing will come of it - there is not the political will in the USA+ EU+UK (slap over wrist on passports), and Bennie is banking on Obama needing him for future action on Iran.
    Revenge needs to be served cold.


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