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Saturday, 10 April 2010


Back on another hobby horse here: Dateline London with Gavin Esler.
Almost every week there is a journalist from a British paper. So far this year only three have been from the Centre-Right, all the rest from the Left. Here's that list again:

2/1 Peter Oborne
9/1 Michael White
16/1 Isabel Hilton
23/1 Yasmin Alibhai Brown
30/1 David Aaronovitch
6/2 Polly Toynbee
13/2 Janet Daley
20/2 Ann Leslie
27/2 Ned Temko
6/3 (Dubai edition)
13/3 Yasmin Alibhai Brown
20/3 Adam Raphael
27/3 Isabel Hilton
3/4 Jahann Hari
That was the state of play as of last week.
So who was this week's representative from 'Fleet Street'? Who's next on the list?
10/4 Steve Richards (Labour loyalist from The Independent)
Is there no beginning to the BBC's impartiality?

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