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Friday, 9 April 2010


At least later in Newsnight there were three sides of the argument present, as Jeremy Paxman grilled Andy Burnham (Lab), Andrew Lansley (Con) and Norman Lamb (LD) over the NHS.
This was a bit of a ding-dong at times, but Andrew Lansley (who ding-dongs with the best of them) was on the end of more than his fair share of questions (twice as many as Andy Burnham, even though they got an identical amount of interview time - partly due to being the target of some of those short repeated questions that Paxo is famous for) and more than his fair share of interruptions (even though he himself did plenty of interrupting himself).
The interruption coefficients here were:
Andrew Lansley - 2.5
Norman Lamb - 1.4
Andy Burnham - 1.4
(For comparison, the I.C. for Liam Byrne earlier in the programme was just 0.8).

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