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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Looking through the BBC News website's Live Events blog today reveals, so far, just one growing controversy. After yesterday's concerns on the site about David Cameron missing out the words 'gay' and 'straight', who's in the eye of the storm again today, according to the BBC? Is it Gordon Brown?
11.23: David Cameron comes under attack from safety campaigners after he was pictured cycling without wearing a helmet. Headway, the brain injury association, says it is "deeply disappointed" to learn of photographs taken of the Conservative leader leaving his home and arriving at the House of Commons with his headgear dangling from his handlebars.

13.55: There's concern in some quarters about David Cameron's apparent lack of commitment to cycling safety. Several newspapers, including Scotland's Daily Record, report that the Tory leader rode to the House of Commons this morning without a helmet. He's been told off before for riding lid-less and safety charities have expressed their concern.

Day Two, and it's already the second 'scandal' hitting David Cameron on the BBC's new blog. Curiously, up till then the Conservatives had barely been mentioned at all!!


  1. I seem to recall that the BBC paid people to go round and heckle Conservative candidates at the last election. They did not pay people to heckle Labour or Lib-Dem politicians.

    As to what constitutes paying people, the BBC refused to confirm or deny that those who were given microphones and scripts by the BBC to shout anti Howard slogans were paid "expenses".

    Someone recently said that the BBC are poisoning democracy in Britain, something I wholeheartedly agree with.

    Andy C

  2. I never knew about that. Jaw-dropping.


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