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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


David Cameron's phrase 'the great ignored' reminds the BBC's Sanchia Berg of the phrase 'the silent majority', as used by every Beeboid's least favourite American president (after George W. Bush of course) Richard Nixon. "Even the language echoes", she said, before playing clips of both Nixon and Cameron. Surely the intent behind this wasn't merely to subliminally suggest Richard Nixon=evil, corrupt president, therefore David Cameron=nudge, nudge?wink,wink?
"Could 'the great ignored' work here?" Sanchia wondered. Who did she ask? Pollster and Labour Party supporter Peter Kellner (Baroness Ashton's husband). He didn't think so.
Sanchia then went to Folkstone. The vox-pops there were two in favour, two against, so she gave the last word to Mr Kellner, who said it might work after all if Cameron could convince voters he was "genuine".


  1. Craig, you are doing a fabulous public service here. Many many thanks.

    You might be interested to see this online coverage which seems to be hard-wired into the Labour/Lib Dems PR machines.

    It seems that the Converatives don't rate a mention. Nothing construction or substantive to say about the Tory all morning it seems.

    Hmm. Bias? For sure.

  2. Thanks for that Ryan. You do some pretty sterling work yourself. Keep it up, especially against Michael Crick!

    I will have a good look at this. It should be straightforward to monitor any such imbalance. It's just a matter of reading and counting. I'll have to see how thorough-going any such survey could be. I always favour the most thorough-going approach, but there's so little time to keep track of so much bias! This is very much my sort of thing though.

    Any obviously outrageous individual posts could also be pulled out for a special mention, such as that one from Rory Cellan-Jones yesterday.

  3. Hi, she actually says the phrase was coined by Richard Nixon. It wasn't. Most politically literate people will know it was coined by De Gaulle. However, rather than run an honest report and risk giving Cameron the kudos of a link to de Gaulle, M/s Berg instead chose to link Mr C to one of the most reviled politicians of the 20th Century. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.



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