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Monday, 5 April 2010


I see that Sean Couglan's article on the party education spokesmen's speeches to the NASUWT has been 'revised', reducing the extraordinary amount of direct quotation from Ed Balls. The result is an improvement. It now reads far less like a Labour press release now. Not completely though, as the headline on the homepage of the BBC News website reads Balls lays down funding challenge while the headline of the article itself reads Ed Balls throws down challenge on school budgets and the standing ovation the odious Balls received is highlighted by a sub-heading.
The main story on the BBC News website remains NI increase 'will not cost jobs'. Leave it there long enough and people might start believing it, or so the BBC are probably hoping.


  1. The BBC dispatched Angela Harrison their education correspondent to Liverpool to cover the usual socialist worker indulgences at the teacher's conferences.
    She duly reported this:

    "...the NUT had given a standing ovation to Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the Public and Commercial Service Union..."

    Somehow this slipped under the radar:

    Labour is 'worst government ever', says Mark Serwotka

    When the head of one of Britain's largest unions brands Brown's incompetents as the worst government ever, wouldn't you think that would rate just the teensiest little mention from the BBC?

    Andy C

  2. Could you imagine the mass hysteria at the BBC if a VC medal winner, and a young black man to boot, refused to shake David Cameron's hand and turned his back on him.
    You'd have it on ad nauseam morning, noon and night, across all the BBC airwaves.

    Somehow this one seemed to pass the BBC by as well.

    VC hero Johnson Beharry accuses Brown of 'disrespect'

    VC hero refuses to shake Gordon Brown's hand because of 'disrespect' for Armed Forces

    The BBC: No bias here.

    Andy C

  3. I see Martin over at the B-BBC site has put in a complaint about the BBC's refusal to deal with Mr Beharry's story. Brown's disrespect is mirrored by the BBC's disrespect. They don't want to look him in the eye either.

    Typical of the NUT to enthusiastically applaud so far-left a union leader as Mark Serwotka. The BBC are fond of him too, judging by how often he's on. They don't mind militant unionists, just as long as they aren't anti-Labour.

  4. Andy, there's an amusing comment on Iain Dale's blog about this:

    At April 06, 2010 11:13 AM , Mick Turatian said...
    I'd go along with the majority view here so far for around a 40 seat Tory majority.

    I don't think that the pundits or polls are any good at gauging a general fed-upness with New Labour or the huge antipathy that exists for Brown personally.

    Mark Serwotka, in a speech yesterday, said that this was the worst government in history.

    Oddly, I didn't hear that on the BBC but they did manage to cover a change in the rules of Scrabble!


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