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Monday, 5 April 2010


As well as trying (but failing) but set up George Osborne for a fall, The World at One today discussed a proposal to lower the voting age to 16, as put forward by a think tank.
Which think tank? The Centre for Policy Studies? Don't be silly! The IPPR? Surprisingly not. If not the IPPR, Demos then? Yes, Demos! If it's not the respected think tank the IPPR on the BBC, it's almost certainly bound to be the respected think tank Demos.
Richard Reeves, its Blairite director, was then interviewed along with Prof JonathanTonge, who Jack Straw recently appointed to chair the Youth Citizenship Commision. At least this was a balanced discussion, with both sides of the argument getting the chance to propound their positions without undue influence. I was with Prof Tonge on the issue.

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  1. The Youth Citizenship Commission ? Oh my God !


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