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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Please check out Not a sheep's analysis of the BBC's battle-plan for the election:
(I'm particularly pleased to see that he too has his eye on Norman Smith, the BBC political correspondent who I like to call 'The BBC's anti-Tory correspondent', because that's just what he is).
I'm on holiday this week, so my blogging will sometimes be heavy, sometimes very light. Today it will be light, tomorrow quite heavy, and Friday very probably clinically obese. (That's when the females of the family are off to Cheshire Oaks, a retail paradise for those who like shoes but hell-on-earth for most men. Shoe shop, clothes shop, shoe shop, clothes shop.....How can just one place contain so many shoe shops? The female population of China could all be fashionably fitted out with new shoes just by going to Cheshire Oaks.)


  1. There is also the Nick Robinson wise old uncle act.

    When they have "reported" some tory policy or initiative they can then attack it from at least three angles Labour (its not costed), Lib Dem (its just like labour) and "respected" (ie state sponsored) think tank (it wont work); then finally the gruesome Uncle Nick is wheeled on to deliver a homily in which typically Brown is portrayed as a tireless (if eccentric) toiler for the public good and the hated "tories" as vacuous PR men on the make.

    Characteristic line "The reason this is important Evan....(is that it can be spun in a manner highly damaging to the Tories)"

    Truth be told no-one I know is daft enough to take the BBC seriously any longer and when the Tories have won this election it will be time for revenge. I think what they ought to do is: (a) announce they have no confidence in the egregious Mark Thompson and the the Trust and require their resignations (after all people are just queing up to employ them) and (b) order them to publish the salaries of the various peoples tribunes so we can all get very angry indeed!

    Tragic really it used to be the best in the world and now it sounds like the GDR rundfunk (in 1989).

    Great and useful blog by the way.

  2. The central problem is money. There are too many people working in the BBC, especially current affairs, and too many of them earn too much money that no-one would pay them in the "real" world.

    The result is a lavishly resourced but for the most part utterly mediocre publicaly subsidised media nomenklatura passionately defending the political status quo because their otherwise unthinkable lifestyles depend on it.

    Very similar in many ways to the ridiculous self-serving bureacracies that have acreted around the many fine talents who work in the NHS.

    It is unsurprising that such a decadent organisation is apparently unable to find new Douglas Stuarts, and is stuffed full of grisly, egotistical poseurs many of whom owe their positions to heredity.

    At least one of their very best, and most radical, talents Adam Curtis looks like he is disintermediating the BBC from within (if you look at his blog), something that gives one cautious optimism for the future.


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