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Sunday, 4 April 2010


Two of the paper reviewers on this morning's Broadcasting House had a good go at Chris Grayling over his 'gays and B&B' remarks. They were Marina Hyde of The Guardian and Omid Djalili, the omnipresent Iranian-born comedian. Fresh from laughing at Eugene Terreblanche and hoping he died slowly (yet I bet neither supports the return of the death penalty), they quickly broadened their attack on Mr Grayling to have a good go at the Conservatives in general. Presenter Kevin Connolly backed them up, asking "Are they in a pickle, or is it just possible that this is a subliminal message to a certain type of voter... ("Exactly!" interjected Omid) ...that certain traditional values in the Conservative Party haven't been completely abandoned or completely re-fashioned?" The third guest Sir Martin Evans then joined in.
When the election is called, will paper review panels be politically balanced - or not?


  1. Well noted.

    Regardless of Terreblanche's vices I thought it was extraordinary that Radio 4 should welcome its morning listeners with merry comments about someone being hacked to death.

    These are the people who would describe themselves as liberal and enlightened. Sounded more like justifying a lynching to me.

    What a smug self-satisfied trio these made

  2. I agree with the above comment. Although I understand that Marina Hyde and Omid Djalili would wish to express their opinions about Terreblanche's political position in a news review, I thought their obvious pleasure in the violent and lingering death of a fellow human being was extremely distasteful.

    They came across as self-satisfied and intolerant.


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