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Sunday, 4 April 2010


It was only yesterday that I wrote this:

Even BBC political correspondents need a holiday, so let's be charitable and assume that's the reason why Norman Smith, the BBC's anti-Tory Correspondent, has been missing from the Today programme's airwaves throughout the National Insurance debate of the last few days.

Well, it seems I was being too charitable.
The third most important story in the world, according to the home page of the BBC News website, is Gay B&B remark sparks row. When you click into the article, guess who's back?
Yes, Norman Smith:
The BBC's political correspondent Norman Smith said Mr Grayling's stance "put him at odds with the law".
The BBC's Norman Smith said it was "awkward and embarrassing" for the shadow home secretary, who would have to enforce equality legislation should the Conservatives win the election.
So he wasn't on holiday after all, just lying low (like Michael Crick) to avoid having to report bad news for Labour (as here over NI).
That's a lesson for me: Never give the BBC the benefit of the doubt!

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  1. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel when an opposition member states the bleeding obvious.
    Zanuliebor are trying now to get all the gays and lesbians on their side with scaremongering.
    This government and the bbc will only be happy when we are all immigrants and gay and lesbian as well as public sector union members.
    Problem is the country will really be bankrupt then, and they will have to emigrate to corrupt another country.


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