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Sunday, 11 April 2010


Here is yesterday's tally of the number of posts on the BBC's live election blog that report comments (direct/indirect quotations) from party politicians. It was a quiet day for campaigning, it seems. All the politicians must have been watching the BBC's relentlessly-plugged coverage of the Grand National!
Sat 10/4
Labour - 12
Lib Dems - 8
Conservatives - 7
Plaid Cymru - 2
SNP - 1
Independents - 2
So another victory for Labour and a good day for the Lib Dems, beating the Conservatives into third place.

Now for the running total for the whole campaign. How do things stand after 4 days?:
Labour - 107
Conservatives - 60
Lib Dems - 46
Plaid Cymru - 5
SNP - 4
Greens - 3
UKIP - 2
Independents - 2
DUP - 1
BNP - 1
Communist Party - 1
Incidentally, how surprising is it that the BBC would chose to give more coverage to Plaid Cymru and the Greens than to the party that came second in last year's European elections? I am closely watching how they treat - or fail to treat - UKIP on their live blog.


  1. Any joy from the Conservatives re your figures or are they still preferring to ignore what the BBC is doing?

    Enjoy The Lakes...

  2. I rushed to my e-mail as soon as I got in tonight, hoping for something from them. Nothing!!

    Lovely day today. All the lakes were shimmering in the sunshine. More lakes tomorrow, then it's back down to business in earnest.

  3. I'm amazed at how little coverage UKIP are getting on the BBC. Are they just totally ignoring them now? Why aren't UKIP kicking off big time.

  4. In my experience UKIP have been much more willing to complain to the BBC than the Conservatives. They were furious at their treatment during the Norwich North by-election. Lord Pearson was the guy who led their campaign against BBC bias at the time. I can't see him taking it lying down. Well I hope not anyway!

    Lord Pearson was on the Andrew Marr Show today, which I've still to watch. I wonder how he got on.


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