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Sunday, 11 April 2010


Alas, things will be quiet on this blog for the next couple of days, as I'll be away in the Lake District.*
There will be a lot to catch up on afterwards (including Marr, Sopel, and Carolyn Quinn).
I've been on holiday for over a week & have been struggling to keep up with BBC bias during the election. There's been too much of it! Going back to work on Tuesday, therefore, will be an major inconvience that just happens to pays the bills!
So apologies in advance for a few days of sparse blogging.



  1. Cheers!

    It can't be entirely healthy though that I was thinking about Carolyn Quinn whilst being driven over the fearsomely beautiful Kirkstone Pass!

    My thoughts were along the lines of "There's still snow up here! What a beautiful arrangement of mountains! Oh, I can't believe how she (Carolyn Quinn) gets away it! I'm glad I'm not doing the driving!"

    I will try not to think about her tommorow!


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