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Monday, 5 April 2010


While Andrew Lansley got slapped down for just once mentioning the Labour Party, Alistair Darling was allowed to get away with attack after attack on the Tories by James Naughtie - until, after over-six-minutes-worth of such attacks, Naughtie finally decided he ought to say that they'd ask the Tories themselves about Tory policy so let's stick to Labour policy.
One of the cliches most used by the political class is "That's a bit like closing the stable door when the horse has bolted." Well, the horse had bolted six minutes earlier and had been merrily running around the field rogering the Tory fillies ever since.
The I.C. here was 1.1 - substantially smaller than that for Mr Lansley.
Anyhow, we know where Today's interests lie. Their headline for this section reads "Cameron 'manifestly wrong' on cuts". Ah, that's just the message the rampant Alistair Darling was trying to make all along!

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