BBC Complaints: The link you need!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Inspired by Hippiepooter from Biased BBC, you will now find a link to the Complaints page of the BBC at the top of this blog. His idea (which is the sort of idea I like!) is that we should all ply the BBC with strongly-reasoned complaints, but with some important added features:

If the pattern of systematic election bias that appears to be emerging is validated, I hope there will be a banner request here urging people to make formal complaints to the BBC and BCC their complaints to the injured party/ies concerned and B-BBC with the codicil that they demand from the BBC a breakdown of complaints made to the BBC for anti-Tory / anti-Labour election bias. If the BBC give accurate figures, and they are as I anticipate, the correlation to a huge disproportion of complaints for anti-Tory election bias and the huge empirical imbalance in coverage of the parties and left/right commentators will put BBC bias centre stage in this election.


  1. Good idea.
    However I believe that the bbc is entrenched and neither Thompson nor Lyons are in charge.
    Radio 4 has been taken over by the loony left editors and presenters and they are going for broke for one month until the 6th April.
    What will Lyons (who I believe is leaving anyway) and Thompson (who wants his golden parachute) do, nothing but wringing of hands and bleating.
    Complaints should be cc'd to the relevant party in most cases the Conservatives, who should show the flag (not white) and set up a website for this to happen.
    They should "Take not prisoners" as the country's future is now at stake.

  2. Yes, exactly.
    CCHQ has its own website which can be used to contact them directly. It could do with some dedicated blogs on it. I suspect one on BBC bias might attract quite a response at the moment!


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