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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


One of the patterns Hippiepooter refers to was spotted by Ryan, who commented about it on the Biased BBC website. He had been reading the BBC's live web coverage of the election this morning and found that it was pretty much Labour and the Lib Dems all the way. Where were the Conservatives?
Inspired by them, I will now be keeping a count of the number of posts (on what the BBC clearly hopes will be a site seen by millions throughout the coming weeks) that report comments from party politicians, whether they be direct or indirect quotations.
The BBC blog began again at 6.00am this morning, so I read all the posts between then and 2.00pm. Ignoring all the posts between noon at 12.35pm, which merely reported Prime Minister's Questions, the tally of posts between those times that fit my simple criteria make for stark reading. Ryan could not have been more right:
Labour got 14 posts (lots from Brown, Miliband, Mandelson)
The Lib Dems got 13 posts
The Conservatives got 3 posts
UKIP got 1 post
Blatantly partisan.
I will keep an eye on this and see if this continues over the coming weeks.

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