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Friday, 9 April 2010


I've just clicked by mistake into another BBC blog, which is new to me: Mediabrief.
Each post ends, with a bibliography-like list of links. Click onto the link above and you'll soon see, as you scroll down the page, that one media outlet - other than the BBC - gets a huge number of links, far more than anyone else. Can you guess which one?
Clue: ---/-------- (it's an anagram of hetgraunida).

Counting up all the links provided by the BBC on this blog for all posts so far this month (excluding one post about i-pods and another linking to American newspapers) brings up the following results:
Media source/Number of links
1. The Guardian - 20
2. The Daily Telegraph -7
3. The Daily Mail/ The Independent - 6
4. The Times - 5
5. The Spectator/Channel 4 News - 3
6. The FT/Evening Standard/Press Gazette/Guido/Iain Dale's Diary/Dizzy Thinks/Building Blog - 1
Isn't that clear proof of bias toward The Guardian - yet again! - on the part of the BBC?
The main BBC bloggers here are Torin Douglas and Clare Spencer.

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  1. This isn't proof of bias at all. I'm more than a little astounded that you think it is. Have you even tried to control for any of the massively obvious confounding factors? You ignore that this is just one blog and doesn't represent the BBC as a whole? What is the p value on that variation? because I doubt it would be strong... the list of flaws in your thinking goes on and on and on.


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