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Friday, 9 April 2010


Another day, another shocking lapse of impartiality by Sanchia Berg (the Nixon=Cameron one!)
Talking to 'working class youths' about the Tories' planned national citizen service, Sanchia made my false teeth fly from my mouth in amazement when she asked Elroy Palmer, a community worker, this question: "It would come in if David Cameron won the election, if the Conservatives were in power, and then it's going to be somebody, you know, from an extremely privileged background, whose own community service was volunteering when he was at Eton to help old people in Windsor. Do you think that will put people off, or do you think they will just focus on the idea and what it will mean for them?"
I don't swear on this blog but I think an acronym is in order: WTF!!!!!


  1. From Election Live, Quotes of the Day:
    "I think it should be compulsory. Why don't you make it compulsory?"
    London Mayor Boris Johnson, commenting on Conservative plans for a voluntary national civilian service scheme.

    From the Evening Standard’s Paul Waugh:
    Can't believe BBC claiming Boris quip re 'compulsory volunteering' was serious. I was there and it was clearly a joke. Clue is in the phrase.

  2. She'd run courses for young offenders on how to be bent broadcasters. Put their wrongdoing to good use!


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