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Sunday, 25 October 2009


It's Sunday morning, so it must be the ever-biased Andrew Marr...

Compare and contrast this week with last week.
Last week's big political interview with the Conservative's Liam Fox saw Andrew Marr score a high Interruption Coefficient of 1.8, with 17 interruptions in an interview that lasted under 10 minutes. The equivalent interview this week with Labour toff David Miliband also lasted around 9 1/2 minutes but this time contained only 3 interruptions, scoring Marr a very low I.C. of 0.3. So, a very tough interview with a Tory spokesman one week and a very soft interview with a Labour spokesman the following week. That's Andrew Marr for you!
Last week Marr interviewed Billy Hayes, leader of the Communication Workers' Union, about the postal strike. This week he interviewed the boss of Royal Mail, Adam Crozier. How do these interviews compare? Well, Marr only interrupted the far-left union leader once but he interrupted the big-businessman 19 times!!!! Again, that's Andrew Marr for you!
Finally, when Clive James (on the paper review) brought up a story in The Sunday Times about Boris's 'plans' for a post-Olympic Games tower ('Look out Paris, Boris plans a 'Piffle Tower''), Marr yet again expressed a partisan personal opinion: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean, it is - if true - an astonishing and worrying story, I would have thought." To which the only response should be, "Keep your opinions to yourself Andrew!" Why is he not censured for this sort of thing? He was clearly excited about the story, telling Clive "Hold it so they can see the picture!" At the end of the programme, we were told that Ken Livingstone's favourite policeman Sir Ian Blair is going to be on next week's show, so expect even more Boris-bashing then!!
Another dreadful edition of The Andrew Marr Show.

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