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Thursday, 1 October 2009


I have now began monitoring The Record Europe, presented by the lovely Shirin Wheeler. She has only conducting one interview with a U.K. politician so far, and that was with the leader of the Conservative MEPs, Timothy Kirkhope (21/9), where she scored a high 1.9.


  1. This is a very bizzare blog. The writer seems to spend a lot of time monitoring The Record Europe, recording his imagined pro-left bias of Shirin Wheeler. She is a hugely talented correspondent and all she does on this programme is successfully keep the politians on track. If she has to interupt right wing politians more, it's purely because she is only trying to make some sense out of what they are saying. I think this blogger should really listen to the programme more carefully and understand it. Just put the clipboard down sir, you're making a fool of yourself.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and advice.
    Well yes, if you consider that 6 posts out of a total of 387 is really a lot of time to spend on 'The Record Europe'. (The clipboard comes in handy!).
    I will though be spending a lot more time in the coming months listening very carefully to the programme, as you suggest, and will continue to transcribe exactly what Shirin says and count those troublesome interruptions. We'll see if those hard-to-understand right-wing politicians continue to be interrupted far more than those plain-speaking left-wingers and whether Shirin's questions continue to tilt in particular directions.
    The clipboard though stays!
    Best wishes,

  3. hi,just wondering if shirin wheeler is iranian?

    because shirin is a persian name;hence she could be wheeler either through marriage or an english father and a persian mother.

    dont know if anyone could shed some light on this?

  4. Well, a spot of googling reveal that her father Charles Wheeler, the veteran BBC correspondent, met her mother Dip Singh while he was working in India. I can't see a direct Iranian link but more googling (search under 'Shirin India'!) shows that 'Shirin' is quite a widely used name in India. It must have migrated eastwards over the centuries. It's a lovely name whatever!

    Shirin's sister Marina, incidentally, is married to Boris Johnson. I never suspected that Shirin was Boris's siter-in-law. I wonder if she will ever interview him and, if she does, how it will turn out.

  5. I don't think Shirin interrupts the europhobes enough! In the last two episodes she has let Farage and Kirkhope ramble on and thoroughly talk over the other much more rational speakers. All the europhobes seem to do on this show is giggle!

  6. Her style reminds me of Dimbelby on Question Time........holding court and very occasionally allowing the invited guests to voice an opinion or answer a question. More interested in her own brilliance than the opinions of invitees.


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