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Sunday, 4 October 2009


Having been on a long, home-based holiday for nearly a month, I find myself in the position of having taken my eye off the ball somewhat. I praised Shaun Ley recently but, with eyes re-focused, find that his The World This Weekend was on fully biased form.
The programme began by fixing on the dilemma allegedly posed to the Conservative Party by the Irish 'Yes' vote in their second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. A brief snippet of Euro-sceptic Tory MP Richard Shepherd was drowned out by pro-European, anti-Cameron-line Conservatives, namely former MEP Margaret Daly and Lord Leon Brittan (who got a gentle hearing, being critical of Cameron's position). The cross-bencher Lord Kerr (and former ambassador to Brussels and Washington) was then wheeled in to add further criticism of David Cameron's Conservatives.ameron's Conservatives.
William Hague was interviewed later but Ley's interview gave him little time to counter this criticism, concentrating as it did on the Conservatives' alleged difficulties in the Northern Cities.

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