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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Being back onto for the party conferences Andrew Neil has only had the chance to interview Lib Dems and Labourites so far, with the Tories to come. How did the great man do?

Ed Davey Lib Dem 2.4
Jim Murphy Labour 2.1
Evan Harris Lib Dem 2
Jacqui Smith Labour 2
Alistair Darling Labour 1.7
Danny Alexander Lib Dem 1.7
Chris Huhne Lib Dem 1.6
Andrew Adonis Labour 1.3
Nick Clegg Lib Dem 1.3
Liam Byrne Labour 1.3
Ken Livingstone Labour 0.7
Peter Mandelson Labour 0.6
Barry Sheerman Labour 0.4
Ming Campbell Lib Dem 0.3
Paddy Ashdown Lib Dem 0.3

Average number of interruptions per political party:
Lib Dems - 1.4
Labour - 1.3

How will the Conservatives fare at his hands?

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