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Monday, 5 October 2009


So in the course of a very biased Sunday we had an attack on Oxford-educated, 'very, very rich' David Cameron from Andrew Marr, a piece about Old Etonians in the Conservative Party on 'Broadcasting House' and a tying-together of Tories, toffs and fox-hunting on 'The Politics Show'.
Did this sustained attempt to associate the Conservatives with 'privilege' (as left-wingers like to say) end there?
No. On 'Westminster Hour' Carolyn Quinn asked this question: "What about David Cameron the man? He has faced the charge that he doesn't understand real people, that he's a privileged toff. Do you think he's managed to shake that off?"

And, just in case you missed the point:

"And is it true that champagne has been banned again from public sessions?"

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