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Sunday, 18 October 2009


The spread of guests on this morning's Andrew Marr Show was pretty broad, with two Labour politicians (Baroness Helena Kennedy and Lord Myners) and a Labour-affliliated union leader (Billy Hayes of the CWU), a Conservative politician (Liam Fox) and a Conservative-supporting actor (Julian Fellowes), as well as the leader on the SNP (Alex Salmond) and the historian/BBC presenter Dan Snow. Why then was the usual bit at the end on the sofa a gathering of all the Labour guests only. Couldn't (Shouldn't?) Liam Fox have replaced Helena Kennedy on the couch? It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say to Billy Hayes.
I will let the Interruption Coefficients do the talking now:
Liam Fox (Conservative) - 1.8 (with 17 interruptions)
Lord Myners (Labour) - 1.0 (with 6 interruptions)
Alex Salmond (SNP) - 0.2 (with 1 interruption)
Baroness Kennedy (Labour) - 0
Again, the Conservative gets the roughest ride.
On the paper review, Andrew Marr was openly agreeing again with left-wing sentiments. When the Baroness said "The focus goes off. Here we are. We're blaming post office workers, we're blaming public service workers, and we've lost our focus on the fact that it was the bankers who led us in the crisis that we're currently in, and that focus should not be lost", Marr added "Yeah, absolutely." When she criticized Afghanistan's President Karzai, he 'mmm'-ed supportively twice before adding another "Absolutely."

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