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Sunday, 11 October 2009


My suspicions about The Politics Show: Scotland's presenter Glenn Campbell seem to be being bourne out. Essentially, these are that he is softer on Labour and the Liberal Democrats than on the Conservatives and the SNP.

Today's programme featured a pretty gentle interview with Alistair Darling (I.C. of 0.6). Glenn interrupted Darling a few times during his answers to questions about a public sector pay freeze. (That does seem to exercise BBC employees, for some reason). When Glenn asked about Conservative proposals, however, and Darling repeatedly turned his fire on the wicked Tories - there were no interruptions whatsoever (in answer after answer). Uncanny!

Regarding Labour and the SNP, we witnessed a joint interview with the Labour leader of Glasgow City Council Steven Purcell and the SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon. Both got to talk for a similar amount of time and on the same topics but, whereas the Labour man was only interrupted twice, Nicola was interrupted 6 times. (In terms of I.C.s, that's 0.6 for Steven Purcell and 1.8 for Nicola Sturgeon).

Somewhat countering my suspicions though were the I.C.s accrued by Glenn Campbell during a debate between the four main candidates in the forthcoming Glasgow North East by-election - though not the one about the Conservatives nor the one about the Liberal Democrats!:
Ruth Davidson (Conservative) - 1.4
Willie Bain (Labour) - 1.3
David Kerr (SNP) - 1
Eileen Baxendale (Lib Dem) - 0

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