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Friday, 9 October 2009


Crick is biased against the Conservatives. That's a given. But he's also an unperceptive commentator. Here's the latest instance.
Following David Cameron's big speech his report changed course to say "But some of his senior colleagues hardly seemed bowled over". This was a false analysis, designed to suggest a lack of enthusiasm for the speech (and hints of division) among top Tories. As William Hague had said on PM it was not meant to be a rabble-rousing speech. It was meant to be muted, as befits a conference that is trying not to be seen punching the air and shouting "Alllll right!!!!!!" at the prospect of winning an election.
Crick pounced on Eric Pickles describing the speech as "pretty good". That's just Eric Pickles's style, not that Newsnight's political editor seemed to realise that. Jeremy Hunt called it "workmanlike". I'm not a highly paid BBC political editor, but even I can pick up on the fact that senior colleagues of Cameron are deliberately striking a sober, understated note for the reason I gave above. Michael Crick is so blinded by anti-Tory bias as to be unable to offer valuable insights into their thinking. It also makes him miss the blindingly obvious. He wants to find stories of scandal and split in the Conservative Party, and seems not to be able to see beyond them.

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