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Thursday, 8 October 2009


General Dannett's new role with the Conservatives came under fire from Newsnight last night. "A blunder?" asked Paxman, before calling it a "wheeze".
Guess who reported on the story and led the charge against the Tories? Michael Crick, of course.

Allegations of smears against General Dannett by the Labour Party (allegations confirmed by Labour's own Eric Joyce) were completely ignored by Crick, naturally, as it wouldn't do to embarrass Labour. Embarrassing the Tories is all Crick cares about. Every concern Labour ministers held (and hold) was reported straight by Michael Crick. They couldn't have hoped for better coverage of their part in the story (as the poor, innocent, aggrieved victims in all this).

In another insufferably smug report, we were 'treated' to the spectacle of Crick gloating over Chris Grayling's 'another Labour gimmick' gaffe ("one of the most amusing gaffes in recent politics", he called it). Watch him chasing Grayling on the BBC i-Player and look at the self-satisfied smirk on his face as he turns to camera afterwards! The word 'gloating' is no exaggeration. What a twit!
He then questioned the calibre of Cameron's current team.

"Some Tories", he said, were questioning the wisdom of announcing the general's appointment today. And a couple of minutes later, he made exactly the same point again (using an unattributed Tory critic). More Tory splits!!

No wonder when the report ended we saw a very cheerful looking Phil Woolas!!

When Crick retires from the BBC, I bet he'll go straight into a job with the Labour Party!!!

The Crick Count
Conservative 2
Tories 6

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