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Saturday, 3 October 2009


John Humphrys enjoyed himself on this morning's Today, scoring his highest Interruption Coefficient since 6th July (when he scored 1.7 against David Cameron) in an aggressive interview with Conservative health spokesman, Andrew Lansley. He achieved a high I.C. of 1.8, with 12 full-scale interruptions in an interview that lasted just under 7 minutes (adding several other unhelpful comments, 'wells' and jeers along the way). He described the Tories' new proposals on elderly care as "a bit unsavoury" and "unusual", and ferreted away with an enthusiasm I haven't heard from him for a long while. He's sounded a little out of sorts recently (since his return from holiday), so it some ways it was nice to hear the old Leftie brimming with good old-fashioned anti-Tory fervour again! (Though in other ways, it wasn't!)

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