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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Now how did August's King of Bias do? Jim 'When we win the election' Naughtie's results are nowhere near as clear-cut this time round, as you can see:

Peter Mandelson Labour 1.3
Lord Drayson Labour 1
Peter Mandelson Labour 1
Daniel Kawczynski Conservative 0.9
David Cameron Conservative 0.8
Gordon Brown Labour 0.8
George Osborne Conservative 0.7
Daniel Kawczynski Conservative 0.6
Lord Carlisle Lib Dem 0.4
Mike Russell SNP 0.4
Ed Miliband Labour 0.3
Alan Johnson Labour 0.3
David Blunkett Labour 0.3
Neil Kinnock Labour 0.2
Chris Grayling Conservative 0
Kevan Jones Labour 0
Shaun Woodward Labour 0
Rosemary McKenna Labour 0

Average number of interruptions per political party:
Conservative - 0.6
Labour - 0.5
Lib Dems - 0.4
SNP - 0.4

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