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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Well, here are the big figures - the average for each party of all the results for last month. And what do they show?

Plaid Cymru - 1.2
SNP - 1.1
English Democrats - 0.8
Conservatives - 0.7
Labour - 0.7
Lib Dems - 0.6
UKIP - 0.5
DUP - 0.5
Independent - 0.4
Green - 0
UUP - 0

And there you have it - a dead-heat between Labour and the Conservatives, with the Lib Dems close behind.

This month's figures, put bluntly, show no proof of overall bias whatsoever!!!!

As I heard this month's chain of interviews unfold I was hearing it for myself, so I knew these sort of figures were coming. So unlike June and July, where marked anti-Conservative bias was strongly suggested, and even August, where a much smaller anti-Conservative bias was suggested, September has proved a remarkable month indeed at the BBC. The Lib Dems, normally treated with kid gloves, were duffed up right, left and centre. The Conservatives received a greater number of easy rides than is usual from some of the unlikeliest interviewers and many Labour politicians were given tougher rides than usual, again from some of the unlikeliest interviewers - balancing out, all in all, to an identical overall I.C. between the two main parties.

This is, of course, how things should be.

Partly the result may be down to the fact that the Conservatives have been interviewed so little - which will change with their party conference. Then we will really see if the BBC is really changing its spots.

So will it continue? Is it a statistical freak, or the beginning of a significant trend? How will the Conservatives be treated next week?

There's only one way to find out.

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