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Tuesday, 6 October 2009


What a contrast! No report from Michael Crick at the start of the Labour conference ('for technical reasons'), only a short chat with Jeremy Paxman, but for the first day of the Tory conference there's a Crick report all right. To Cameron's 'dismay, no doubt', Europe's a big issue again, he said. We then had Michael Crick restlessly stalking Philip Hammond (and then George Osborne), with a big microphone in hand, speaking in a quavering, high-pitched voice, full of mock incredulity.
'Unity' was the key word (if we don't include the word 'Tory' of course!), if only to highlight 'splits'. Boris threatens 'unity' and his comments "won't have pleased" Ken Clarke, Crick said. More -philes and -phobes, of course.
Then there was the obligatory spectacle of Crick chasing Tory prospective parliamentary candidates around the conference centre!

The Crick report though ended on a nasty, bitter note: "Europe may trouble the party again tomorrow with a meeting with the leader of the new European caucus to which the Tories now belong, the Pole accused by David Miliband as having a neo-Nazi and anti-semitic past".

This outrageous smear has been discussed elsewhere on this blog. Trust bloody Crick to spread it again, and do so at the very end of his report. Was it then discussed, so that the slur shouldn't be left hanging in the air like a bad smell? Guess.
Will he bring up Michel Kaminski (a completely uncontroversial figure in Poland) in the next edition of Newsnight?
The next report from Crick should come at the end of the week, when he bring his silly cardboard cow into the Tory conference.

The Crick Count
Conservatives - 1
Tories - 4

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