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Sunday, 31 January 2010


Julie (pictured right) at Julie's Think Tank (, a new blog dedicated to opposing Blair-bashing, especially anti-Blair media bias, will have been gratified and relieved by this morning's Broadcasting House with Paddy O'Connell, where Tony Blair was lauded at some length by one of his most devout supporters Tim Allan, deputy spin doctor to Alastair Campbell. Paddy handled him gently.
The BBC may have hated the Iraq War but they loved/love New Labour. Their early uncritical adulation of Tony Blair (so like their attitude to Barack Obama now) was replaced by a deep ambivalence - which is still much in evidence today. In 2003 they shifted their support to the anti-war Lib Dems and the anti-Blair Gordon Brown.
(P.S. This post was not just an excuse to publish the above photo of Julie.)


  1. Thanks for the mention, Craig! Julie

  2. Not sure it is a real photo of Julie.
    On ebay two female successful sellers have photos of a very sexy women, but I am sure the real sellers are at least middle aged.

  3. I doubt if I agree with her political views, but........ a distinct improvement on John Prescott.
    A quick google reveals a Julie Puschi who has a facebook page and a similar photo.
    I couldn't help notice one of her first listed friends is Alastair Campbell !
    Anyway, Julie posting above, if you are the real Julie, as far as I am concerned, you are welcome here anytime !
    Yes, Craig, the BBC's normal approach when their heroes turn out to have feet of clay, is simply to ignore it. Carter and Clinton in the US ( will Obama be even worse than Carter ? ), Blair and Brown in the UK. Same old story, boringly predictable.


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